About MEsha

I am a Malaysian Chinese, who is proud of my heritage as I believe our culture has somewhat shaped our love for food. Having three distinct races, we share an abundance of influences in our cuisine - Malay (Javanese influence), Chinese, and Indian. Seriously, most fellow Malaysians I know, enjoy talking about other food whilst having a meal!

As a child, I grew up watching my mother get ready for work in the wee hours of the morning, prepping for her flight (she was an air hostess), and always admired how pretty she would look with her hair neatly tied into a stylish upwards hairdo, make-up and in her uniform. Upon her return from her trips, she would then fill my mind with exotic, foreign images of her travel and this formed the basis of my curiosity about lands far, far away. I also had the pleasure to travel at a young age and thus my love for travel grew. 

Ironically, I used to work as a travel consultant for one of Australia's top/leading travel agency, Flight Centre.

In 2012, I graduated university with a Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communications) majoring in Journalism and also undertook Design Photography Specialism units. To sum it up, this blog is pretty much a love-child of all my interests - Food, Blogging, Photography & Editing, Travel and little personal Life Snippets.

My goal is to share what I have experienced with others (whether it be food, travel or personal experiences/ideas) via blogging.  I was an avid  blogger in 2007 - 2011, before it all came to a halt, due of a change in lifestyle and now, I've decided to re-emerge into the blogging scene, mostly for fun and creating web memories along the way!

I realize that I am a somewhat passionate, outspoken individual (mostly on social media) and understand that some of my content may offend certain individuals/readers. I'd advise those who are offended/sensitive to please take into consideration that it is a personal blog with personal opinions. 

All comments and emails will be responded in due time. I will not respond to spammers, nor anyone with suspicious intents.

Disclaimer: All post on this website is subjected to personal ideas/reviews at the time of writing. Furthermore, all photos on this blog is subject to copyright Mesha Chow. All Rights Reserved.

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