Saturday, 19 September 2015

There Are Plenty Out There ...


This is my first comic attempt.

I've always enjoyed drawing/doodling ever since I was old enough to hold a pen/pencil/colour marker, etc. 

Who do I owe thanks to? The creators of Sailor Moon

I was like obsessed with that anime, so much so, that when Malaysia decided to dub it in Cantonese, I learned it very quickly (I was like 5 at the time). All I remember drawing was Sailor Moon; I wanted the Super Sailor powers, I wanted to actually be Sailor Moon. 

So, not only did Sailor Moon grant me the focus and dedication to learn a new language, it also granted me the knowledge of Japanese comic art - manga. 

Granted, there was another Japanese comic I was introduced to at the time: Doraemon.
But ... Sailor Moon will always be my first love. 

My mother realised that I had some "potential talent" - this potential is actually the byproduct of A LOT of practice. 

As I grew up, my doodling juices waned. It was like a reserve that I emptied out as a kid, and it took forever to re-fill. I had bouts when I would draw for days on end, and then ... *POOF* Doodling juice gone. My laziness didn't help with the recharge rate either. 

And as with time, technology improved and still no mojo. Wish I could turn back time to spend more time practicing and gain more "social media" fame from the beginning. Now that I want to doodle, it's too late. All these new kiddos who took this opportunity at the time are already reaping the benefits - improved drawings/upgrade in their technique/technique exploration,etc.

Now, I'm stuck with pen & paper, a scanner and a cracked version of Photoshop CS3 ... with no pen tablet, so I've been outlining with my fingers on the trackpad. 

This comic is dedicated to the supposed "talent" I have. 


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