Monday, 7 November 2016

It's Not Dead! I am just lazy AF & Watercolour Inspired!

Well, guess it has been a while since I updated anything! I have just been so busy with work, and also with my new hobby - watercolour!

I cannot believe I actually used to hate using watercolour as a medium when I first tried it at an art class as a kid. Fast forward 13 or so years later, as an adult, it is pretty therapeutic!

Here are some of my recent works!

I started off with manga inspirations and moved on to realism as I enjoy the challenge of creating a life-like painting.

And no, unless you count the one time I used watercolour in art class, no prior training. Just sheer practice.

If you do like my works, please follow me on Deviantart and especially on Instagram! I require all the love and support aka share the shit of my works please

Princess Serena
(Sailormoon-inspired piece and one of my first watercolour attempts) 

 1-UP Mario Mushroom

Kiki's Delivery Service 

 Grumpy Cat

Beer FTW
(my first realistic attempt this year)

 The Girl in Black

(My first commission request).

 Back-to-basics: Apple


 Red-headed Gouldian Finch

Black Cat
(In spirit of Halloween which I missed out AGAIN this year)

(Second commission request: watercolour realistic pet cat portrait)

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