Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Nao Japanese Restaurant Review

Ramen! Ramen everywhere! I am now a self-professed ramen addict!

In Perth, I recalled visiting a tiny Japanese restaurant, donkey years ago, called Nao, (which was introduced by a friend of mine) renowned for its ramen dishes. So obviously, I had to re-visit Nao!

It is still a tiny restaurant, however, they have upgraded the back area with lounges (they actually have a toilet now!)

The kitchen is literally almost right next to us! 

I love ramen with a spicy broth, so I had to order the Spicy Ramen. Mother had the Miso Ramen.
Spicy Ramen

Miso Ramen

Service was prompt and food arrived soon after orders were taken. I wasn't quite impressed with the presentation of the food (mine had no bean sprouts!). The Miso Ramen looked alright, but mine was really, really plain looking - with just one thin layer of charsiu (pork) and one nori sheet (dried seasoned seaweed). 

Taste-wise, it was good, however, I think I've been spoilt by Taro's Ramen and half-expected more toppings. The noodles were thicker than Taro's but still somewhat al dente and chewy (personally, I prefer the thinner ones). The broth is also quite rich (I am not too sure whether it would have been considered a tonkatsu, considering it was quite a rich, fatty broth). 

The best part about Nao, is the choices of ramen offered (plain, spinach infused and chilli infused) and a large selection of extra toppings, at extra cost. 

I was quite surprised at the prices charged at this restaurant - for the large bowls of ramen we ordered (with no extra toppings), it was $10AUD (Miso Ramen) and $11AUD (Spicy Ramen) respectively. Money-wise, this is an excellent restaurant!

Nao also offers a variety of other classic Japanese dishes if ramen is not your thing, but why would anyone go there for something else? 

Anyways, this restaurant has definitely made it to the "Frequent Revisit (Whenever I'm in Perth)" list!

  • Presentation: 2/5 (Could have been better!)
  • Taste: 4/5 (Great ramen and full of flavour)
  • Service: 5/5 (Quick! Couldn't be better especially when empty tummies are growling for food)
  • Monetary value: 5/5 (Huge-ass bowl. I was stuffed after mine and that was without any extras)
Don't you just love ramen? I do! Check it out in Perth!
Nao Japanese Restaurant
117 Murray Street | Perth, WA 6000
(P): 08 9325 2090
(W): http://www.naojapaneserestaurant.com.au/

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