Monday, 4 November 2013

A Mini Revisit Review: Taro's November Special - Jiro Ramen

My, how time flies! It's November already! 2013 has definitely been the fastest year ever! As everybody knows, I love going back to Taro's (like literally at least once a month, minimum) and love how they have monthly specials, offering different special dishes or free ramen upgrades (ramen quantity upgrades). 

Decided to head down and saw Jiro Ramen as November's special! 

I love how quiet it is as one of the first customers there in the morning! 

I'm still a noob with regards to ramen so, here's what a little researching showed:

"Ramen Jiro is of course technically ramen, but it is somewhat different from any other ramen in Japan. It is tonkotsu broth with shoyu added, but the broth is more like a thinner (but very rich) pork gravy and in most branches it has a large amount of suspended fat (abura). The noodles are (typically) very thick and chewy but not quite as eggy or yellow as regular ramen noodles...The pork is a very rough cut, usually from the tenderloin but sometimes from some less recognizable part  of the pig, and occasionally will be mostly fat. The veggies are usually cabbage or moyashi (bean sprouts), and each branch has its own ratio of the two. Ramen Jiro is certainly not for those who are health conscious, and those of weaker constitutions can feel a bit queasy after eating there for the first time, especially if they force themselves to finish the whole bowl." 

Taro's version of the Jiro ramen!

Well, I didn't really know what Jiro Ramen was, and thankfully I ordered the small, cause holy bejeesus! It's a huge portion in comparison to the other ramen! Now, after Googling, I thank God I grabbed a take-away container and brought it home.

I never had Jiro ramen, but I think it is alright (I'm still the fire tonkatsu kinda girl) bug it could have been fattier in a way. The broth is very rich but based on my research, I personally felt it could have more lard (I love pork lard and I don't care if I died of a heart attack later on! It's too good to pass up!). Taro's version had a lot of bean sprouts, which I find awesome and had a smaller ratio of cabbage.

The noodles were thick (think thicker, bigger, badder version of the ramen) and al dente! Chewy, thick, noodle-y heaven. If I had known better, I would have had asked for raw chopped garlic, but oh well, it's still good!

Will be back for more monthly specials!

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