Friday, 20 December 2013

Selfishness, Hypocrisy & Self-Justification (Who isn't these days?)

So, today's topic is based on selfishness and hypocrisy. First up, I just want to clearly admit that I am - I mean, who isn't? Who does not think about themselves first? 

I never said I wasn't and never denied when I am accused of being selfish. The reason being that it is in human nature to be selfish. We can be allowing, and selfless when we need to be but in total we are (those who are completely selfless are thus, named saints due to their acts of selflessness, but seriously, how many of those people are out there these day?).

Think about it.

When was the last time we were completely unselfish? Yes, there might be a one or two, here and there, but not often unless you're a generous bastard donating to charity and etc., etc.

But, even with regards to charity, how often do you donate? Do you sacrifice half your pay-check because you want to donate and live on the minimum standards, or just because you felt generous and handed in your spare change to "supposedly" make a difference in this world?

I would like to think that if we were completely selfless, we'd give everything that we have to others in need, with maybe just enough to barely cover our own asses. In reality, the first person we'd think about is, ourselves.

This includes family. I don't know about you, but no matter how much I'd like to help, it comes to: 1) How much I can help, 2)If there are costs involve, how much am I able to spend before it affects me? 3) Is there enough help/support provided before I can exceed what I'm willing to spend/sacrifice to help them?

You may think that I am a cheap bitch person, but that is the truth! How many are willing to sacrifice everything they have for someone? Not that much.

We live in the ME FIRST world and I can understand why. It is in the right of a person to think, "Hey, I'll put my needs first before others". It boils down to the simple survival instinct in all of us. Heck, it started as soon as you were a little sperm, racing millions of other sperms, and the main aim is to fertilise the egg. You're the sperm who already survived the tedious journey inside the uterus, and be goddamned if the next sperm is going to penetrate the egg. Or maybe you got lucky as a sperm.

Anyways, besides that, another example would be like the safety manual in an aircraft. You know, the part where the oxygen mask drops down, and they always emphasize on putting it on YOU first before others. Well, isn't that selfish, cause you're putting yourself first before others? But who cares! It's your life and you are in the right of putting YOU FIRST.

Bah. So, the synopsis of this long-winded rant, is that I think it is okay to be selfish (not too much until everyone hates your guts). I hate pretentious hypocrites who doesn't seem to realise or probably in denial in the fact that we are all selfish.

I've been called a selfish bitch many times, and I can live with that, cause I know I am. To those who said me that, well, I wish you'd stop being so goddamn judgemental and a hypocrite. I don't see you going around doing selfless acts and trying to be a saint. Until you do though, STOP THE "HOLIER THAN THOU" fucking bullshit and leave me alone.

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