Friday, 27 November 2015

8-bit/Pixel Christmas Wreath

Time surely does fly! How is it that it is almost the end of November already? 

The last festive season was Halloween (which was surprisingly quite dull as I had anticipated more Halloween spirit in Canada), and then BAM, everyone has their Christmas decorations up. My partner has been telling me that Christmas highly celebrated here in Canada in comparison to Halloween. 

To pass time, I had decided to take up Perler bead crafts - I might have jumped the gun a little and overspent on large quantities of beads. 

Whilst "window-shopping" on the web, I stumbled upon an 8-bit wreath for sale on and was like 'Whoa, I really want one', but then realised that it was made of EVA foam. Not that I have a problem with foam, it's just that something about the word "foam" makes it seem 'durable' in my mind. 

8-Bit LED Holiday Wreath 

With much motivation and inspiration at hand, I Googled the shit out of 8-bit wreaths and Perler beads. There were quite a few people who made Perler wreaths with the same design as the wreath above. However, it didn't really pay homage to my personal childhood influences. 

So, armed with thousands of beads and plenty of spare time, I made my own damn wreath:

2.5 days later, the wreath is complete:

Inspiration: Hayao Miyazaki, Pokemon and Sailor Moon 

The problem I encountered (which nearly made me cry out of frustration) was the novice mistake of attempting a large scale bead project without the proper ironing technique. Some beads decided to fuse easily whilst some decided not too .... urgh. At the end, a lot of dedication and patience resulted in a somewhat successful project. 

I don't know whether it is because I didn't iron out the flip-side out properly or whether it is due to its size, but it feels slightly flimsy (this was like an hour after ironing). After cooling down, the wreath has somewhat hardened up a little more.

I am waiting to maybe buy a good temporary wall adhesive to then stick it on our front door! :)

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