Friday, 27 November 2015

Stainless Steel vs Sterling Silver Earrings

I have a slight problem with sterling silver. As much as it is coveted in the jewellery world as a cost-effective alternative to white gold, I do not enjoy getting green-stained ears after wearing silver earrings for a few days straight. Yes, I am that lazy that I do not enjoy taking off jewellery unless I absolutely have to. Thankfully, I'm not allergic to nickel; white gold is my favourite metal but I obviously simply cannot afford to have my jewellery all made with it. 

Unfortunately, when you head to a fashion-jewellery store (in Australia for example: Diva or now known as Lovisa), you more than often end up with earrings that very well might tarnish even though they are labelled "hypo-allergenic". 

With most stainless steel earrings I've encountered in the market, I feel that there isn't enough "hook" earrings sold. They are mostly made into studs, or thick hooped earrings - there are simply more choices sold in sterling silver.

Along with my perler bead project, I purchased a few stainless steel earring findings from a wholesale website. However when I searched for some pretty charms to add to the findings, there are obviously more choices made in sterling silver. So, por que no los dos? 


 The pair I made for mummy dearest <3 The photo does not do it justice! It's quite sparkly IRL. 

Made with 316L grade stainless steel which is "the same grade used in industrial and food-processing applications ... [it] resists moisture and will not oxidize". The charms themselves are made with sterling silver, so best of both worlds indeed.

If you enjoy sturdier findings, then stainless steel is for you. Like, how can you not love stainless steel? Might not be as shiny as sterling silver but who gives a hoot?

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