Friday, 11 October 2013

Bribie Island - Woodrim Beach

Woke up so goddamn groggy this morning, with my bladder full of piss. After my morning wee-break, I decided to see what time it was and saw that it was 6:10am. The bf still in bed and funnily, I was the one freaking out stating "YOU'RE LATE FOR WORKKK!!!". Said he wasn't going in =_= I completely forgot it was the day before his birthday.


So I went back to sleep and woke up a few times interrupted as le mon petit ami decided to clean the dirty dishes whilst I was still sleeping (God bless his soul!). I was awoken to a smothering of kisses and the fact that he had rented a car for the day as he wanted to go to the beach.

After getting the rental car and armed with my Galaxy SIII, we headed towards the Sunshine Coast. Initially, I thought it was a great idea to find somewhere not too far away and thought the Deception Bay would be a fantastic place to find beaches.

I was never so wrong. Damn Deception Bay... Should have figured it by its name eh?

So, I set the navigator towards Bribie Island as I figured that I've never been there before!

Guess we found a gem beach today as it was so secluded and there weren't many people other than what I assume are locals.


James doesn't give a shit anymore and continues omnomnom-ing.

I look so goddamn ridiculous in those old boardies! But enjoying the water nonetheless.

Also showed James how to find live shell-fish and the lucky bugger found a family of them! Unfortunately, we did not have a bucket nor were the shell-fish big enough to be eaten, but it was certainly fun finding them!

The trick is to find little raised air bumps you see on the beach when the tide has receded and start digging with a stick or a shovel or your hands. You needn't dig far before you might find one or two! Or an entire family!

I wasn't too sure what family those shell-fish were, but I am assuming it was the Paphies Elongata or narrow-wedge shell.

Otherwise, we sunbaked and threw a rugby ball around for a few minutes before rinsing off and heading home.

That was pretty much our random adventure for the week!

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