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L'Angolo Bistro Opening Night Review

Hamilton Harbour is definitely a new suburb booming with new restaurants & cafes, grocery stores and other eateries every few months. For us, it was the opening of Woolworths, a bottle shop, Domino's pizzeria, Coffee Club, a sushi shop and as of yesterday, the opening of an Italian restaurant by the name of L'Angolo Bistro

As a resident of one of the many apartments in that area, we received a flyer in our mailbox promoting the opening night of their bistro. If there's anything I love more than Asian food, it's Italian and it did get me excited (not to mention a free drink upon arrival when you present the flyer; Yes I'm a cheapskate). 

From where we were sitting (Okay, bad photo. I geddit)!

Prior to the opening night, I had a good glimpse to the setting - it was somewhat casual with my favourite colour combination of red, white and black. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a team of friendly staff and we chose to sit outside (inside was packed with families and screaming kids). I must say, their staff service is impeccable - friendly and asked if we needed anything every so often. I presented my flyer and received their house cocktail, served in a wine glass with ice and full of citrus flavour, it was definitely refreshing to the palate (though I finished mine in less than 2 minutes). I also couldn't believe they brought two glasses out for me and my partner (seriously thought they would be cheapskates and brought us one). Talk about attention to detail!

Free drink, can't complain! :)

Not one but two! :D

However on the opening night, the menu was reduced (as expected) and somewhat just above average prices (after living in Hamilton for half a year, I did expect pricier prices). I decided on the Cannelloni di Vitella (Homemade Cannelloni filled with White Veal Ragout, topped with Napoli Sauce and Saffron Bechamel), whilst my other half decided on the Zuppa di Pesce e Crostacei (Selection of Fresh Fish and Seafood in a Lobster Broth with Grape Tomatoes, White Wine and Fresh Basil). We waited roughly about 10-15 minutes before our food arrived. 


Maybe my expectations were a bit too high for this place?

Upon biting into the cannelloni, the white veal ragout was simply a very, very mushy mince! Okay, how do I put it this way? For the price of $23AUD, and when it is stated 'veal ragout' which is normally a stew, I simply expected like chunky, bits of tender stewed meat inside the cannelloni? Somehow, and I don't know why, but when I encounter mushy mince, it's like the usage of really cheap mince; it does not add any texture whatsoever to the food (unless I'm 70 + years old and I lost all my teeth). Personally, that was the disappointing aspect of my meal. What made up for it was the sauce - creamy, tomato-ey goodness and the cheese. Pasta-wise, I could not really differentiate it from store-bought pasta as it was covered with the sauce and wasn't really al dente.

James' dish (Blurry photo cause most of my photos on this blog were taken via phone. Plus he started digging into it before I could snap another one).

James' dish was alright, although I debated that it could have at least been a bit saltier (he liked it nonetheless and said my taste buds were screwed due to smoking wtf?). I tasted the broth and expected a rich seafood & tomato infused broth, but I found it just like tomato broth. Again, I was not impressed for a dish worth $29AUD. Lobster broth? Hello?! Lobster, where are you? 

The bill came up to about $74AUD (this also included 2 glasses of red wine we ordered at $11AUD each!). For the price paid compared to satisfaction, I personally don't think it was worth it. Don't get me wrong, I'm the sort that would happily splurge if the food is worth the price paid, but unfortunately, this was not the case (I would have much rather catch the bus and go back to Taro's Ramen!).

I am not going to be completely biased and base this wholly on the two dishes we ordered that night. I do plan to investigate and try out maybe some of their items on the breakfast or lunch menu.

But for now, the verdict:

  • Presentation: 2.5/5 (Plain)
  • Food/Taste: 3/5 (Okay but not impressive)
  • Service: 5/5 (Marvellous!)
If anyone wants to prove me otherwise and say it's all autentica cucina italiana, then check them out:

L'Angolo Bistro 
T04 Hamilton Harbour | HamiltonBrisbaneQueensland 4007Australia

(P): 07 3369 7417

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